美国Outdoors RV房车制造公司成立于2009年,主要产品有拖挂房车和五轮房车,BackCountry系列,Mountain系列和Titanium系列。

美国Outdoors RV房车制造公司

美国Outdoors RV房车坐落在俄勒冈东部一个风景如画的山谷中,一家新的房车公司诞生了。本公司的重点是为加拿大西北部和西部设计房车,用一批精选的经销商来销售产品,最终目标是让我们的顾客享受到像其他人一样的户外体验。加拿大西北和西部将成为这里生产的产品的目标地区。这个地区有很大比例喜爱享受房车生活方式的人。我们的目标不是成为国内最大的制造商,也不追随市场份额。我们只是想设计和建造伟大的房车。

Outdoors RV Manufacturing was born in 2009 with the vision of owners Ron and Sherry Nash.Our company focus is to design and build recreational vehicles for the customers who desireto enjoy the Outdoors, no matter the terrain or weather. We call it “Mountain Tough Four Seasons Camping.”
Just like the picturesque mountain valley where our factory is located, the RV adventurer of the Western United States and Western Canada will find beautiful pristine alpine lakes, rugged snow capped mountains, lush rain forests, beautiful desert landscapes, and incredible ocean views to explore. We here at Outdoors RV are proud RV owners and love the Outdoor lifestyle. In our many adventures we have had many customers tell us that they wished some manufacturer would build an RV that was designed for our backyard versus the industry standard that is designed for the pavement and the 3 summer months.

Outdoors RV answers the call in designing three different series of RV’s based on how you camp:BackCountry Series, Mountain Series & Titanium Series.

Please view our website further to see which Series fits you and your family for all of your Outdoor adventures! Our goal is not to be the largest RV manufacturer in the country nor follow market share graphs. We simply want to design and build great RV’s for you to explore what nature offers all of us year round here on the West Coast and Western Canada!


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